Categories Of Online Casino Bonuses

In general, most online casinos offer first time players what is known as the welcome bonus or sign up bonus. This online gambling bonus can take the form of a match bonus, a high roller bonus or a no deposit bonus for new members. Online casinos often use casino bonus codes as easy solutions to classify their various deposit bonus offers.

When you are offered an online casino bonus, you actually receive a percentage payback of the monetary value that you deposit at their casino for the first time. These online gambling bonuses vary between 25%, 50% and up to 400%, but the most common percentage offered for first time depositors is 100%. With the high roller bonuses, players receive a large amount of money as an online casino bonus that entices them to play in their casino. The value of these online casino bonus offers can be up to $ 1,000. Decent high roller online gambling bonuses are usually a 50% bonus on your first deposit towards the online casino you are playing at.

The no deposit bonus means that players receive a small sum to register and play at their casino. Usually this is a good graduation only for first time casino gamblers. The trick with this no deposit bonus is that you will find that before you can cash out your winnings, you must meet a certain wagering requirement.

However, online casinos don’t just offer online casino bonuses for first-time payers. Particularly reputable online casinos offer their players a wide range of ongoing online gambling bonuses for regular players. Of course, all of these promotions have different terms, but it is your job to read them carefully in the terms and conditions of each page as online casinos will not give you all the information. These terms include using preferred deposit methods or playing certain casino games in order to qualify for online casino bonuses, etc.

These bonuses or reload bonuses usually also have a limit on how much you can collect with these types of bonuses in a particular month. They also usually have an annual limit on the amount you can collect in a given year, as well as different percentages for those bonuses depending on which deposit method you use.